What is the advantage of a loan over a lease?

The greatest advantage of financing over leasing is the freedom to do with the vehicle what you wish. With no restrictions on mileage or customization, you are totally free to add premium audio equipment, customized paint, accessorize the powertrain.

How does a loan work?

The amount that you borrow and the remaining balance during the life of the loan are referred to as the principal. The principal can be paid off at any time prior to maturity.

What is a loan?

A loan is a specific amount of money that you borrow from a lending institution in order to purchase a vehicle. You then make a commitment to make monthly payments for a specific period of time (called a "Term") until the full amount borrowed is repaid.

How does this differ from owning a vehicle?

The day-to-day experience of driving a leased vehicle is virtually the same as a financed one. The only major differences are restrictions on the degree to which your vehicle can be customized, the amount of total mileage you can travel, and the maintenance.

How does a lease work?

As leasing is technically different than buying or financing, different terminology is used to describe the transaction. The most important concepts are adjusted capitalized cost, residual value, and money factor.

What is a lease?

A lease is an agreement between you and a lending institution where you make a monthly payment for use of a vehicle of which the lending institution retains ownership. The lending institution takes responsibility for the purchase of the vehicle.

Can I include the cost of other products, such as extended service contracts, credit insurance

Yes, again. If you are interested in one of our products and would like to include its cost in your finance option, just ask one of our finance representatives to arrange that for you.

Can I finance taxes, registration, and other transaction expenses?


How do I make my down payment?

You can use a credit card, money order, bank check or cashier's check (made out to our dealership), or cash.

What rates do you offer?

Our dealership works with several financing institutions to bring you competitive rates and terms on vehicle financing. Our dealership offers flexible rates, terms, and payments so that you can obtain the loan or lease that fits you best.

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