Boosting Fuel Economy

Boost Your Fuel Economy

Considering how expensive gas is with no end in sight it may be in your best interest to start figuring out “life hack” ways to make your fuel economy better. The obvious approach would be to buy a fuel efficient car, but sadly that is not possible for all car owners. Until we can all own Tesla, the following list are a few small changes you can make that will burn your gas a little slower and thus save you a bit of money at the pump.


1) Lay off the gas: If you are one of those people who has a heavy foot you are definitely making things harder for yourself at the pump. Higher rates of acceleration lead to faster fuel burning and in turn means you will have to fill up more. If you drive aggressively you are likely burning your fuel at a rate of 33% faster than a non-aggressive driver.


2) Remove extra weight: If you are carrying a bunch of access things in your trunk get them out of there. Storing tools, or sports gear, or an extra tire? Get rid of it all. The less weight in your car the better, and the less weight in your car the slower you will burn fuel.


3) Properly inflate your tires: Tires inflated below the suggested amount make the car work harder thus burning fuel faster.


4) Use smart driving techniques: Things like pumping the accelerator to get to speed then gliding, driving like you don’t have brakes, drafting (following closer to bigger vehicles for less wind resistance), and shifting into neutral and not using the gas for hills are all habits that can increase your fuel efficiency.


5) Avoid congested areas: Getting stuck in traffic is a huge drain on your fuel. The app “Waze” is a community based navigation app that will route you to avoid real time updated construction/crash zones. Avoiding gridlock will save you huge at the pump.


6) Get a tune-up: Old oil, coolant or other fluids, bad air filters, faulty old parts can lead to your car running well below its potential. Spend a few dollars in the short term to have your car tuned up regularly so that it can function at its best. This may seem counter intuitive to saving money, but in the long term the money you will save at the pump will make it worth it.


7) Keep the RPMs down: When you car is shifted into neutral it idles lower in terms of RPMs. Lower RPMs means less fuel burning making for less money spent at the pump because of less filling up.


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There are many simple adjustments you can make to your habits and thinking that will make a huge impact on what you spend at the pump. The above suggestions are just the beginning, you can go further by studying up on “Hypermiling” you can go even further in your quest to save at the pump. To have your car serviced and tuned up you can reach out to us at Pathway Hyundai, or we can give you more advice on how to get the best out of your car. We are located at 1375 Youville Dr, Orléans, Ontario. Call (613) 837-4222 for more advice.