BlueLink®, What is it?

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Allowing you to stay connected to your Hyundai remotely. The system consists of multiple applications and services that are directly linked to your Hyundai for your convenience.


Bluelink Remote start

Remote Start with Climate Control

Escape Ottawa's hot summers or cold winters by starting your Hyundai's engine before you get in. Using Blue Link allows you to set the cabins temperature remotely. The engine will run for 10 minutes, or less if you prefer to set a timer.


On Demand Diagnostics & Alerts

Keeping your Hyundai in the best shape possible has never been easier. Run a full diagnostic check directly from your Hyundai's touch screen. If an issue is found you can simply schedule a service appointment by pressing the service link button on the rear-view mirror. Your preferred dealer will automatically receive the details. You will also receive monthly reports and reminders for your regular maintenance directly to your email.


Roadside assistance

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Need roadside assistance? BlueLink® can give your exact location to a roadside assistance member.

Car finder

Remote Car Finder

Forgetting where you parked is nearly impossible with BlueLink®. If you're within a one mile radius of your Hyundai, BlueLink® will show you exactly where you've parked it.

Automatic collision notification

Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance

Your vehicle will automatically call for help if you're in an accident and the airbags deploy. You can also push the SOS button for emergency assistance 24/7, 365 days a year.

Give it a try!

Download the app on your Android, Apple or BlackBerry smartphone and use the Demo Mode to give it a shot!


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BlueLink® is available on nearly all new Hyundai vehicles 

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