Hyundai creates engine without spark plugs

Hyundai Creates An Engine Without Spark Plugs

Hyundai has created a super engine that harvests the potent torque of a diesel without the expensive injection systems. The result is called the Gasoline Direct-Injection Compression Ignition, or GDCI for short. For over a decade, engineers have been researching this engine alternative and it’s finally ready to be put to the test. This new super engine features stratified charge, where the fuel is injected into the cylinder just prior to ignition, in a 4 cylinder, 1.8 litre motor producing 180 horsepower.

Combining Diesel Efficiency with Gas Convenience

On the outside, the experimental GDCI looks like any other direct injection, variable valve timing supercharged turbo engine with exhaust gas recirculation. However, things are a bit different on the inside. The pistons have bowls cast into their crowns and the injectors are able to put fuel directly into the centre of the bowl thanks to a lack of spark plugs. The GDCI is able to use auto ignition by squeezing a mix of intake air with controlled amounts of exhaust gas. Compared to a diesel, the GDCI’s cylinder pressure rises much more gently by squirting a small amount of gas prior to top dead center and the main fuel injection right after. This process means that the GDCI has the fuel efficiency of a Diesel with minimal heat loss, a high expansion ratio, and zero throttling. The GDCI also takes the best of gas engine technology with much smaller fuel-injection pressures, saving money and reducing noise. And when there isn’t enough air intake to spin the turbo, the supercharger takes over to deliver intake air.

Moving Towards a More Efficient Future

Overall, Hyundai’s experimental GDCI engine takes advantage of the best features in gas and diesel technologies, leaving behind their downfalls. This means an engine that is 10 to 15 percent more fuel efficient than ever before. This spark plug free engine represents a great stride towards a more efficient and powerful future of internal-combustion motors. To learn more about Hyundai’s experimental gas engine, visit Pathway Hyundai at 1375 Youville Dr, Orléans, ON K1C 4R1 or call our expert Sales Staff at (613) 837-4222.