What Is My Trade Worth?

Here at Pathway Hyundai we take ALL trades. Having a vehicle to trade in on a purchase of a new or used vehicle is a great way to lower your payment AND save you money on tax. For example if you're buying a vehicle worth $20,000 you would have to pay $2600 worth of HST (13%). However, let's say you have a trade worth $5000. You would now only pay taxes on $15,000 saving you an additional $650 in HST! People often think they can get more for their vehicle if they were to sell it privately. As we can see in this example, $5000 is the amount given for the trade but the actual dollar amount is $5650 because of the additional savings in tax!

Having a vehicle to trade in is a great benefit to you the buyer. You can rest assured that we will endeavor to give you the most money possible for your trade-in. The days of calling one or two people to get an idea of your vehicle is worth are long gone. Today, we will launch your vehicle out into a real time private online auction where as many as 2,000 buyers from across Canada and the northern United States have the opportunity to view your car and bid no matter where they are. This creates an all new level of transparency and openness and we are happy to be part of this new paradigm shift that puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

There is a cost to using TradeRev but if you trade your vehicle in with us we cover the fees for appraisal!

Call or email us today to see how we, with help from TradeRev can get you the maximum value for your trade.