The Hyundai Tucson Adventuremobile

Hyundai Tucson Adventuremobile

Hyundai For The Adventurous

At the 2015 SEMA show, vehicle enthusiasts will be able to see a new Hyundai Tucson transformed into an Overland style off-road camper – the Adventuremobile. Put together by Southern California tuner John Pangilinan, this one-of-a-kind Tucson has been outfitted with a slew of upgrades and extensions taking it from an already formidable utility vehicle to a full out adventure and survival machine capable of hitting some rough terrain, rooming its passengers and doing it again day after day.


Starting with – somewhat – more standard upgradables, John’s Tucson design has been outfitted with a set of Toyo Open Country A/T II tires wrapped around the fortified Rays Gram Lights 57DR wheels. To further increase movability over rough and terrains, a custom 1.5-inch suspension lift gives the Adventuremobile an edge over rocky roads, intense root systems and other surfaces that would typically rip a vehicles underside right up. Extra horsepower is achieved with the addition of an AEM intake and charge pipe kit paired up with a Magnaflow exhaust manifold.

Anywhere, Anytime

Now, for the fun stuff that you usually don’t get to see thrown on to a utility vehicle. Standing tall and proud on Pangilinan’s creation is a Treeline Tamarack Constellation Gen2 roof tent that folds out to create a sleeping space for two right on top of the vehicle, all you need to do is park and set up. The Constellation Gen2 is of the newest of Treeline’s designs, featuring some convenient structural and storable amenities such as a honeycomb aluminum base, stored bedding, dual skylights, space for some extra gear and even an emergency urinal catering to both males and females. In addition to the space created above the vehicle, the inside is decked out with additional storage systems and various interior amenity upgrades to up the “wow” factor to get people excited to hit the dirt.

Environmentally Friendly

This Tucson’s adventure-friendly outfit made by Treeline Outdoors is teamed up Goal Zero on making products that use re-usable energy sources such as the Sun and rechargeable batteries. The tent on the Adventuremobile uses Goal Zero Nomad 20 solar paneling with the battery packs, charger and lighting that comes a long with it.

Hyundai Tucson at Pathway Hyundai

Though the Adventuremobile may not be for everyone, it’s a shining example of the maneuverability of the Tucson as a utility vehicle. The Hyundai Tucson was made to cater to the needs of the driver, whatever they may be. We would love for you to experience the Tucson for yourself by browsing through our New Vehicle Inventory or filling out the form below to schedule a test-drive. We can’t wait to help you start your own adventure with Pathway Hyundai in Ottawa, ON.

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