Aftermarket Decals and Pinstripes

Spice up the Look

So you just finished purchasing that brand new vehicle. Or perhaps you picked up a used vehicle in great condition that you are looking to put a bit of money into to make it look even better. Either way, there is no better way to individualize your ride than to get some aftermarket decals or pinstripes. For those who may be completely unfamiliar, this term refers to an external “sticker” that you get applied to your vehicle to add a certain look that you are fond of. Decals and pinstripes are growing in popularity as people strive to give their vehicle that “little something” that makes it really stand out. Before you jump into the world of decals and pinstripes, here are a few things to keep in mind.


The key factor you want to consider when getting decals applied is quality. There are hundreds of people out there who will install decals and pinstripes. They can range from the guy who does it as a side job in his garage to a shop that specializes in designing their own decals and installing them. Perhaps the most popular locations that apply decals and pinstripes are dealerships. When it comes to your vehicle and aftermarket applications of any kind, you want to ensure that the installation is the top quality and even guaranteed by a limited warranty. Problems such as shifting, air bubbles, and even excessive fading or peeling can all be a problem if your applier is not prioritizing quality. The reason dealerships are so successful at applying aftermarket decals on your vehicle is that they have the experience and the training to ensure that quality is the number one priority.


The other key thing to remember when looking into getting a decal or pinstripe is the longevity of the design itself. Think of these products as tattoos for your vehicle. The last thing you want is to walk up to your ride a few weeks later and realize you really don't like the look you had installed. Decals and pinstripes can be removed, but it is a costly investment to have it installed and then removed. Plus if it has been installed for a longer period, there can be issues with a distinctive fade look between where the decal was and the rest of the paint. So explore your options, and make sure the look you choose is one you will appreciate for a long time.

There are few things that can really make a vehicle stand out like a well-placed decal or pinstripe. Providing you ensure that your choice of aftermarket product is top quality, installed properly, and something that you will admire for a long time, you really can't go wrong. A decal or pinstripe is a great way of showing off your own unique style and the appreciation you have for your ride.