2016 Green SUV Of The Year Finalist

2016 Tucson Green SUV of the Year Finalist

Another Win For Tucson

The all-new Hyundai Tucson was recently named a finalist for the 2016 Green SUV of the year Award present by Green Car Journal which further reinforces the impressive strides Hyundai has made with it's SUV line-up both in fuel economy and overall quality. Every year the journal considers only five finalists for the award which serves to recognize to most fuel-efficient SUV/crossover vehicles in the market as well as the environmental leadership they have acheived in the industry. We anxiously await the winners announcement at the Washington Auto Show in January, 2016.

Selection Process

An extensive research process by the Green Car Journal assesses a wide range of SUV's and crossovers for their environmental advantages and technology before narrowing that list down to a final five. The ultimate goal is to reward car builders for moving transporation in a more eco-friendly direction while still maintaining superior drivability and functionality. For Tucson to be considered one of the best models to fit that description is truly a statement in itself.

In a segment filled with vehicles less concerned about environmental impact, the Hyundai Tucson sets an example for positive leadership without compromising on the performance shoppers want and need. Hyundai Vice President of corporate and product planning Mike O'Brian was quoted saying "Being a finalist for Green SUV of the Year is acknowledgment of Hyundai’s dedication to delivering fuel efficiency without sacrifice". Well said Mike, find a great selection of the new 2016 Tucson right here at Pathway Hyundai.