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  • Why "Now" Is The Best Time

    People looking for a new car always wonder: when is the best time to get a great deal? There’s all sorts of theories going around, like, when it’s raining. At the end of the month. When there’s a full moon. We’d like to think November is an excellent ... Read More

  • Gas Problem? Improve Your Fuel Economy

    Gas prices rise, gas prices fall… but no matter what that sign at the gas station says, you still want to get the most value out of your gas money. Here are some helpful tips to help you save at the pump: Get the lead out… of your foot. Don’t ... Read More

  • Teen Driver's Ed Begins At Home

    We could throw all sorts of stats at you about teen drivers. How motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16- to 25-year-olds in Canada and that alcohol and/or drugs are a factor in 55 percent of those crashes. Or that 16- ... Read More